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Columbus Impact Academy

We’re a community impact initiative designed to provide a comprehensive experience in leadership for emerging leaders and high potential professionals. 

We're Adapting and Growing

We're moving remote!

Our four month virtual program offers local employers a unique opportunity to engage these employees with one another and with a larger group of active young leaders representing employers from around the Columbus region.

For Emerging Leaders

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Hone Your Leadership Skills

Our curriculum offers interactive and engaging sessions that will bring focus to individual, group, and community leadership.

Get to know Columbus

As the nation's 14th largest city, Columbus is on the rise. We're here to help you lay a foundation and build upon your Columbus experience.

Give Back to the Community

Along your journey, you'll connect with nonprofits and city commissions to discover your path as a volunteer, a board member, and more.

Create Impact across the Nation

Together we will develop a "blueprint" for dismantling systemic racism that will be shared as a national model with next gen organizations.

For employers

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Access To Talent

As a partner, you will receive valuable access to talent and recruitment while providing leadership growth for your next generation executives.

Sense of Place

Academy participants work together to discover a sense of place and purpose, while gaining valuable perspective in life-altering areas.

Workforce Development

As the nation's largest association for young professionals, our goal is to understand and respond to the needs in our community.


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They Believe In Us

Our members represent 1,000 Columbus employers, including 21 of 28 Ohio Fortune 500s and 37 of 61 Ohio Fortune 1000s. 

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