The Columbus Impact Academy is a workplace development initiative designed to provide a comprehensive experience in leadership for emerging leaders and high-potential professionals. The eight month program offers local employers a unique opportunity to engage these employees with one another and with a larger group of active young leaders representing employers from around the Columbus region.


The Columbus Impact Academy is an 8-month workforce development initiative facilitated by the Columbus Young Professionals Club. It is designed to provide a holistic and interactive experience in leadership development for emerging leaders in collaboration with their Central Ohio employers.

Over the course of eight months, participants work together to discover a greater sense of place and purpose, while gaining valuable community perspective on team bonding, access to community leaders, mentoring, career development, board service, philanthropy and more.

Monthly leadership workshops bring focus to individual, team, and community leadership for participants while breaking down the corporate silos and geographical barriers that often exist in large cities. Hands-on volunteer activities and enrichment outings are also offered, giving participants opportunities to make an impact, while learning more about the Columbus region and what makes it such a special place to live, work, and give. Upon completion of the Academy, graduates and guests are invited to join us at a celebratory commencement ceremony.

Selection Criteria:

• Commitment to an 8-month leadership program with mandatory monthly sessions during the work day
• Commitment to completing a before and after leadership assessment (one in September and another in April)
• Commitment to 10 hours of service in the Columbus community facilitated through the Impact Academy
• Commitment to showing up on time and being present during all sessions
• Commitment to Columbus and the growth of our city and region

Enroll your Organization

Enroll Your Organization


The Class of 2020 (starting Sept. 2019) is now full. Reach out to Maggie if you are interested in our next class, beginning in Fall 2020.

Impact Academy Details


Have questions regarding the program? Contact Maggie at 614-579-9398